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  Admission :  

  New Admission Notice for Session 2015-16
  How to get the admission :

How to get the Admission Form :
       The Admission notice will be published in the leading news paper in the month of January, every year. The cost of the form will be Rs. 100/- each for both B.Ed. and B.P. Ed. Course. The admission form shall be available on production of the last Post graduate, Honours graduate or Graduate mark sheet on secondary school subject in case of B.Ed. course only.
        In case of  B.P. Ed. Course only graduate in any stream will get B.P. Ed. Admission form. Baptism certificate for Christian  students, cast certificate of S.C./S.T. students and documents of physically handicapped students must be produced for collecting application form from the office for both the courses viz. B.Ed. and B.P. Ed. Candidates are requested to keep close touch with the college notice board. The tution fee for 12 months for both B.Ed. and B.P.Ed. and other annual fees shall be deposited at a time on the date of admission excluding University examination and other fees. Boarder students must pay their hostel fees yearly at a time of admission excluding messing charges.

How to calculate your score and submit the application form for the admission for B.Ed. :
       No application form will be received by post.
Academic performance Marks.
a) M.A. / M.Sc.              …              30
b) (i)  Hons.                  …              30
    (ii) Pass                    …              20
c) H.S. (+2)                  …              10
d) S.F.  or equivalent     …              10

How to calculate the point :
  Example :
1) An applicant obtaining 65.23 % marks in S.F. his point will be (65.23 X 10) / 100 or 65.23 X .1 = 6.523  
2) An applicant obtaining 52.36 % marks in P.G.his point will be (52.36 X 10) / 100 or 52.36 X .1 = 5.236

Note : Special Score For :  
1) Ph. D / D Phill    …             5
2) M. Phil               …             3


Accomodation in the college :  
Accomodation is at present available in B.Ed. Course for Men and Women students coming from different schools of West Bengal and also for non-deputed students not serving in any institution or elsewhere. Reservation of seats for S.C. candidates 22% and S.T. candidates 6%, Phy. Handicapped 2% & 50% Christian Students.  
Selection Procedure : TOP

The selection for B.Ed. Course is made strictly according to merit basis and the list of the selected candidated will be published and displayed on the college notice board in the 2nd week of April of each year. No Correspondence will be made regarding selection. Other than Kalyani University, original migration certificate must be produced on the day of admission, failing of which the adm9ission will be treated as cancelled.
                 Regarding selection of B.P. Edn. Course, test in the field is necessary.The Total number of practical tests and qualifications and participation will be considered for merit and the list will be published and displayedon the college notice board in the 2nd week of April of every year.

                 Regarding admission the decision of the Board of Governors of the college is Final. For B.Ed. course two compulsory method subjects specified above preferably studied at the Under graduate Level.Combination ofmethods must be taken on the basis of 1st Method subject. In no cases the combination of subject be changed.

Student Attendence (for Both B.Ed. & B.P.Ed.) :  

75% classes must be attende in the day of the beginning of the session. Below 60% of attendance in the class will not be considered for giving Final Yniversity Examination. The colloge authority have the right to take appropriate action as perrules if the percentage is shor fall.
This is applicable for both B.Ed. and B.P.Ed. to put their signature in general attendance register first. If any student arrives 15 minutes late, he should writer an application to the Principal for considering his/her attendance on that day.

Opening of new session : TOP
The new session will start from 1st day of the month of July, every year. The opening date if changed will be announced on the day of admission.  
Working Hours :  
The new session will start from 1st day of the month of July, every year. The opening date if changed will be announced on the day of admission.  
For B.P. Ed. Course :  
  Items for Practical Test :

100 mts run, 800 mts run, Broad Jump, Putting theshort.
Proper activity dress should be used.

  Reporting Time :

30 mins. Before the schedule time of interview.
Date & time of interview (practical & oral) has been given on the front page of tbe application form. Mo letter will be send.
Original Certificater & Testimonials (academic, professional & allied field)
Must be produced on the day of interview.


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