Instructional Facalities
Teachning Internship
Accounts and Audits
Self - declaration
Fees Structure
Recruitment Procedure
  Co -curriculam :  


All Courses outlined above include hand work, art, craft or preparation of teaching apparatus and appliance etc., drawing and other performing arts will be required for soliciting the teaching programme.  

  Magazine :  
  Our college has a college magazine published with a joint effort of students of B.Ed. & B.P. Ed., teaching & non-teaching stuffs.

Sports :  
A cultural sports, with different events is being organised by the teachers & students of the college with a loads of enthu every year

Library : TOP

The college has a well equipped Library.Trainees will be benefited from the college library. Each trainee will get the books against his / her library card. The books can be kept for 10 days and books must be returned within the secheduled time.
There are some books in thelibrary which are mainly meant for Referenc. The trainees will ger the privilege to use these books within the libray during library hours.


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