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  Our Instructional Facilities :  


The college has a well equipped Library.Trainees will be benefited from the college library. Each trainee will get the books against his / her library card. The books can be kept for 10 days and books must be returned within the secheduled time.

There are some books in thelibrary which are mainly meant for Referenc. The trainees will ger the privilege to use these books within the libray during library hours.



The college has 4 laboratories in B.Ed Dept. and 2 labs in the B.P.Ed Dept.

Computer Centre :

List of Computer Equipments :


Processor                   Pentium1(133 Mhz)
RAM                          32MB
HDD                          2.1GB
CD ROM                    Creative (36x)
CD R                         HP(2X  2X  24X)
Sound Card               Ad Lib
Speaker                    Creative
Mouse                       Genius
Keyboard                  Frontech
Monitor                     Color LG
VGA CARD                2MB DRAM

COMPUTER   3 (522)

Processor                   80286
RAM                          1MB
FDD                          3.5 Inch
FDD                          5.25 Inch
Keyboard                  UB
Monitor                     Mono CGA(UB)
VGA CARD                2MB DRAM
COMPUTER  3 (955)
Scanner                    Umax Astra  2000P


Processor                  80486(80 Mhz)
RAM                          32MB
HDD                          2.1GB
CD ROM                    Creative (32x)
Sound Card               Creative
Speaker                    Genious
Mouse                       logitrch
Keyboard                  Ascer
Monitor                     Color Miyrotech
VGA CARD                2MB DRAM



  Hostel Facilities TOP

The college has two hostels. One for men and another for women. Mens’ hostel isspecially for B.P. students, because it is a residencial course. According to distance, students are providedseats in the women hostel. Hostels expenditure will be borned by the college but messing systm is run by the students. Each hostel has separate hostel rules.

  Hand-Work & Co-curricular Activities  

All Courses outlined above include hand work, art, craft or preparation of teaching apparatus and appliance etc., drawing and other performing arts will be required for soliciting the teaching programme.



Teachers’ training course of this college in cludes evaluation of all trainees from time to time. The system of cumulative assessment of each student during the training period helos him / her progress of studies . Examinations are regularly held to evaluate the student the student’s knowledge in different subjects. Psychological test and appliance are available in Psychology.


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