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Provisional List of different categories of Male & Female candidates to get for counseling in B.P.Ed. for the session 2018-20

Other than Kalyani University (Male)

Kalyani University (Male)

Other than Kalyani University (Female)

Kalyani University (Female)

Instruction to the students for admission to B.P.Ed. course 2018 [Read carefully]

Admission fee

Notice: All applicants listed are requested to appear on date and time as on the list. After counselling, they will receive a challan. They will submit the rupees in the prescribed bank and come back to college for submission of deposited chalan for confirmation of admission. This is vital. all will be completed on same one day. Arrival at 11 AM is must for everybody.

Other than Kalyani University (Male)
Total No. of Seats 14(Fourteen)

Date of Counseling and Admission 22/3/2018,    11am Sharp

Sl No Form No Name University score
2 UCTC-BP0330-2018 Mr. BISWAJIT MURMU OTHER 53.325
3 UCTC-BP0266-2018 Mr. RAJA CHOWDHURY OTHER 51.776
4 UCTC-BP0258-2018 Mr. AJIT TUDU OTHER 51.478
5 UCTC-BP0223-2018 Mr. PALASH ADAK OTHER 47.745
6 UCTC-BP0340-2018 Mr. SUSHANTA ORAW OTHER 47.091
7 UCTC-BP0322-2018 Mr. TAPAS LET OTHER 46.713
8 UCTC-BP0271-2018 Mr. BASUDEV DAS OTHER 45.833
9 UCTC-BP0269-2018 Mr. PRIYABRATA PAL OTHER 41.298
10 UCTC-BP0221-2018 Mr. MIJANUR RAHAMAN OTHER 37.466
12 UCTC-BP0236-2018 Mr. RAHUL MONDAL OTHER 36.876
13 UCTC-BP0239-2018 Mr. BASANTA MARDI OTHER 36.852
14 UCTC-BP0248-2018 Mr. ARJUN HAZRA OTHER 34.683
16 UCTC-BP0242-2018 Mr. IMRAN NAZIR OTHER 31.417
17 UCTC-BP0306-2018 Mr. SANDIP PRAMANIK OTHER 29.386


Kalyani University (Male)
Total No. of Seats 21(Twenty One)
Date of Counseling and Admission 22/3/2018,   11am Sharp

Sl No Form No Name University score
1 UCTC-BP0224-2018 Mr. MD ABDUS SAMAD KU 57.554
2 UCTC-BP0240-2018 Mr. JAHIR ABBAS SK KU 56.628
3 UCTC-BP0311-2018 SAINUL ISLAM KU 55.4
4 UCTC-BP0332-2018 LOB SAHA KU 53.816
5 UCTC-BP0259-2018 Mr. LINKAN BISWAS KU 53.751
6 UCTC-BP0300-2018 Mr. RABIUL SK KU 50.127
7 UCTC-BP0307-2018 Mr. ANIRUDRA MONDAL KU 49.072
8 UCTC-BP0255-2018 Mr. SADDAM HOSSAIN KU 48.583
9 UCTC-BP0337-2018 Mr. BISWAJIT MONDAL KU 47.403
10 UCTC-BP0304-2018 Mr. SAHAJUDDIN MONDAL KU 46.471
11 UCTC-BP0308-2018 Mr. BIJAY PAUL KU 46.46
12 UCTC-BP0326-2018 Mr. NAZRUL SHAIKH KU 45.712
13 UCTC-BP0303-2018 Mr. RAKIBUL SHAIKH KU 45.469
14 UCTC-BP0301-2018 Mr. ANARUL SHAIKH KU 44.597
15 UCTC-BP0313-2018 Mr. SOURAV MANDAL KU 40.165
16 UCTC-BP0213-2018 Mr. PRASENJIT MONDAL KU 40.09
17 UCTC-BP0302-2018 Mr. DIPANKAR DAS KU 39.023
18 UCTC-BP0231-2018 Mr. AMIT SARKAR KU 38.678
19 UCTC-BP0280-2018 Mr. INDRAJIT MANDAL KU 38.072
20 UCTC-BP0305-2018 Mr. KIRAN SHAIKH KU 36.785
21 UCTC-BP0233-2018 Mr. SABBIR AHMED KU 35.722
22 UCTC-BP0211-2018 SUJIT DALUI KU 35.205
23 UCTC-BP0336-2018 Mr. NURSELIM SK KU 35.192
24 UCTC-BP0341-2018 Mr. TASIRUDDIN KU 33.425
25 UCTC-BP0210-2018 Mr. ANUP BISWAS KU 33.13
26 UCTC-BP0253-2018 KHOKAN SIL KU 32.66
27 UCTC-BP0254-2018 Mr. BULBUL SARKAR KU 32.626
28 UCTC-BP0232-2018 Mr. MD ARSAD ALI KU 32.3
29 UCTC-BP0321-2018 Mr. SURAJIT KUNDU KU 31.989
30 UCTC-BP0277-2018 Mr. SUBHA BHANDARI KU 31.607
32 UCTC-BP0331-2018 Mr. ISRAIL SK KU 31.455
33 UCTC-BP0225-2018 Mr. AJOY MONDAL KU 28.05
34 UCTC-BP0222-2018 Mr. JOY BANDHU ROY KU 26.584
35 UCTC-BP0284-2018 Mr. RAFIKUL SK KU 26.187
36 UCTC-BP0347-2018 Mr. SAFIKUL HQ KU 25.664
37 UCTC-BP0214-2018 Mr. BASUDEB MANDAL KU 25.267
38 UCTC-BP0249-2018 Mr. SURAJ KONAI KU 24.871
39 UCTC-BP0257-2018 Mr. PRANABESH BAIRAGI KU 24.759
40 UCTC-BP0291-2018 Mr. PROVAKAR GHOSH KU 19.224
41 UCTC-BP0245-2018 Mr. EJAJ AKTAR KU 18.564



Other than Kalyani University (Female)
Total No. of Seats 6(Six)
Date of Counseling and Admission 22/3/2018,    11am Sharp

Sl No

Form No




2 UCTC-BP0343-2018 Miss. ROJINA KHATUN OTHER 42.99
3 UCTC-BP0230-2018 Miss. RIJIA SULTANA OTHER 38.607
4 UCTC-BP0287-2018 Miss. SONAMANI MURMU OTHER 36.459

***No other candidates are available from other than Kalyani University.

Kalyani University (Female)
Total No. of Seats 11(Eleven)
Date of Counseling and Admission 22/3/2018,    11am Sharp

Sl No

Form No




1 UCTC-BP0256-2018 ATISHA DAS K.U 49.559
2 UCTC-BP0279-2018 Mr. RINA KHATUN K.U 49.526
3 UCTC-BP0327-2018 Miss. NILUFA YEASMIN K.U 48.389
4 UCTC-BP0317-2018 Miss. SHARMISTHA MANDAL K.U 46.848
5 UCTC-BP0267-2018 Miss. TABASSUM JINNAT K.U 46.462
6 UCTC-BP0281-2018 Miss. RUKSANA KHATUN K.U 40.65
7 UCTC-BP0235-2018 Miss. KOISHALI DAS K.U 38.529
8 UCTC-BP0212-2018 Miss. SALMA KHATUN K.U 38.277
9 UCTC-BP0268-2018 Miss. JHUMA MONDAL K.U 36.318
10 UCTC-BP0348-2018 Miss. RISHIKA ROY K.U 34.168
11 UCTC-BP0297-2018 JANNATUN TAZREEN K.U 30.816
12 UCTC-BP0318-2018 Miss. SRIJA BISWAS K.U 27.265
13 UCTC-BP0216-2018 Mrs. RINA MANDAL K.U 27.21
14 UCTC-BP0215-2018 Mrs. PAYEL BAIRAGI K.U 27.01
15 UCTC-BP0309-2018 SUSMITA NANDI K.U 26.994
16 UCTC-BP0234-2018 Miss. MOUSUMI KHATUN K.U 26.726
17 UCTC-BP0262-2018 Miss. SIMA MONDAL K.U 26.486
18 UCTC-BP0238-2018 AYESHA SIDDIKA K.U 25.081
19 UCTC-BP0282-2018 Miss. APARNA DAS K.U 24.42
20 UCTC-BP0273-2018 Miss. SUCHITRA MANDAL K.U 23.08
21 UCTC-BP0328-2018 Miss. ATOSI MANDAL K.U 20.48

Instruction to the students for admission to B.P.Ed. course 2018


1. Date of  provisional  admission  for counseling of the B.P.Ed. Students- -22.03.2018.The entire  counseling list is provisional, mere name in the list does not give any guarantee for admission.
2. The students will report at 11.00 am positively before the room of the Principal, U.C.T.C for counseling.
3. The Hostel rooms are limited and will be provided as per merit.
4. After counseling,the student will collect the  Bank Challan from the office and deposit the money as denominated in the challan to the Bank of Baroda,BERHAMPORE ,BRANCH and must have submitted the same to the College for final confirmation of the admission.

5. Admission fee without Hostel:

* For Kalyani University Students: Rs. 38,500/-
* For Students other than Kalyani University: Rs. 40,000/-
* Hostel charge (Without meal charge). Rs. 20,000/-


6. Discrepancy if any, found in the merit list should come to the notice of the Principal with all relevant documents within 7 days from the publication of merit list AND THE LIST BE RECTIFIED IF ERROR ARE THERE, But after admission there is no chance of rectification..


Union Christian Training College,Berhampore.